Sign Of Genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt LampNow that Himalayan Salt Lamp has been popular among people around the world, the opportunity for a fake product also appears as the demand of this popular product increased. Since you are here, you must have learned about the benefit of using this lamp compared with other lighting types. However, it is crucial for you to choose the genuine product in order to get the most of its benefit. To help you find the genuine product to purchase, here are some signs that can be used to see whether the product is genuine or not.

Primary Signs Of Genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp

In the first place, you can see whether the product is genuine or not by seeing its light. Generally, the salt lamp will release soft glow which looks warm, not a very bright light. It can be said as the most apparent sign that we can see whether a Himalayan Salt Lamp we find is genuine or not. In case you find that the seller provides you with the one which offers very bright light, you can conclude that that product is a fake one. Then, you can also see the sign by seeing the price. If you find that there is a white salt lamp which is sold at dirt cheap price, you may consider that the product is not genuine.

In addition, we can also see the sign from the hygroscopic character. The genuine salt lamp is able to absorb moist then evaporate as water into the air. This capability is called as hygroscopic. It means that when you find the salt lamp is not sweating during a high moisture room or place, it can be concluded that the product is a fake. The last but not least, we can also see whether it is genuine or not by seeing its durability. For further information, let’s check on this following link:

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