How To Make French Press Coffee At Home

how to make French press coffeeAre you wondering about how to make French press coffee? Well, you are lucky since you can get French press and make the coffee right in your home. More interestingly, the way to make French press coffee is not that difficult. You just need to pass several steps only to finish your very first French press coffee. Do you want to know how to make it? Now that you are here, let’s learn the step by step to make French press coffee at home.

How To Make French Press Coffee At Your Home

Let’s begin with the preparation step first. On this step, it is better for you to make sure that the French press has been cleaned comprehensively. It is because the old ground which may be stuck on it can ruin the flavor of our French press coffee. After that, you can prepare for the coffee and water. On the tutorial of how to make French press coffee properly, it is showed that you should take 17 grams of coffee for three-cup servings. Then, the amount of water is about 275ml plus the extra for the pre-heating step. You can adjust the amount of coffee and water with the number of servings you are going to make.

Furthermore, you can start the heating step. Heat the water that has been prepared before in 205 degrees until it is boiled. Leave it for 30 seconds after that. Next, you can fill the French press with the boiled water for one-quarter full. Press its plunger down then spin the boiled water around for approximately ten seconds. Afterward, drag its plunger up then take away the lid. Moving on to the next step, you need to pour the ground coffee into your French press then shake it. For the next steps, you can continue by following this link:

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