Get Fit During Fasting

Health tipsFasting month seems to be a holy period for all Muslims around the world. It is common for them to have fasted for a day long. They are not allowed to eat or drink before the sunrise and after sunset. It is particularly hard for some of them who lack experience for this activity. But, with good and healthy maintaining, this is easy to do. In general, people should prepare themselves to avoid something bad during fasting. Eat regularly is a must. However, it is taught too to eat in enough amounts at night and eat soon after the time is up. Do not wait longer to strengthen the period no matter would that means. The basic principle during fasting is the needed to take nutritional foods. Carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamin, and mineral each is needed to support a healthy life. Meanwhile, they should take enough amount of water to keep the body rehydrated.

But, people should maintain the menu as well. For breakfasting, it is considered that the body would take less energy support that potentially makes people dizzy. Thus, they are suggested to take sweet foods that contain simple sugar. For example, they can take hot tea with a little bit sugar. This will help people to get fresh as a booster.

Besides that, during eating at night, they should take a good portion of protein. They can have it both from animal and vegetable sources in very easy ways. This nutritional value will make them stronger even not to eat a day. Somehow, they are also asked to take fruits and vegetables which contained high vitamin and mineral. It will make them fresh. When it is needed, they can take the supplement as the source of complex nutritious matters to support their needs. By taking nutritious values balanced as they should be, people do not need to worry if their bodies will feel weak.

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